Free Activities: Ironing Board Fun, Muffin Tins, and Windows

It looks like this outside my house right now.

Looks like we have a gutter problem.

Looks like we have a gutter problem.

Its time to bring out the creative games where my kids can eliminate their energy, so that they will nap and then I can enjoy a cup of hot tea on a rainy day.(Disclaimer: these games are not a guaruntee your kids will nap, but its worth a try:)

Here are three household items that can be turned into rainy day fun!

Ironing Board Slide

Ironing Board Slide

Ironing Board Fun (sorry for those of you who were anticipating how I would show your kids how to iron)

An Ironing board can be turned into different uses.

-A slide: Simply prop your ironing board up against a couch and let your kids slide.(note: children should be supervised at all times during this activity.

-A Race Car ramp :Simply prop on an angle, pull out the race cars and let your kids race.

Race Car Fun

Race Car Fun

-A Roof for an indoor Tent: Simply place the ironing board an an elevated even surface, such as two chairs and then place a sheet over top of the chairs and ironing board.(sorry no photo, I was too lazy to set up a tent for my kids. )

Looks like I need to clean my muffin tin

Looks like I need to clean my muffin tin

Muffin Tin Toss

Items you need:

-Muffin tin of any size or kind


-String, ribbon or masking tape  (if you don’t have these items, just use an item that kids can stand behind.)

-Paper or White labels

Simply assign points to each row of the muffin tin. Place the muffin tin on the floor. Place ribbon or string on the floor a few feet away from the tin. Have the children stand behind the ribbon/string or tape. Give the first child a coin. Toss.

Rules: Each child gets two tosses, then the coin is passed to the next child. The first child to 10 or 100 you decide, wins.

Dry Erase Markers and Windows

Dry Erase Drawing

Dry Erase Drawing

(Disclaimer: before allowing children to fully draw on your windows, do a test area first and make sure the marker comes off. Also beware of future marker use that kids may mistake a sharpie marker for dry erase, speaking from experience)

Items needed

-Dry Erase markers

-Windows, a mirror or glass surface

Find a window, mirror or glass surface. Give your children dry erase markers and let their imagination run wild.(if its a window where a parent or loved one will see when coming home have your kids write love notes, or draw a picture for their loved ones.


I hope this brings some Thriftliving fun into your home!


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